Terms of business


1989 Ch. Käsermann developed the OMEGA-absorber.

1990 Start of production OMEGA - absorber

1991 The OMEGA-absorber gets its patent.

6. 6.1994 Registration of "INNOVAR - Christian Käsermann" in the Swiss commercial Registry.

1995 INNOVAR move to the new built works building.

1996 We stop our activities in Hard- and Softwaresupport on IBM machines because of the fast growing solar demand.

1999 For the first time our production is checked by TüV from Munich for the agreement concerning " Deutsche Dampfkesselverordnung"

2000 INNOVAR produces more than 100'000 m2 of solar thermal absorbers.

2005 Our second production line is developed. The start of production for the new DELTA - absorber is in november.

In the same year INNOVAR delivers the first fully automatic absorber production line to a costumer.

2005 A new galvanic coating line is realised together with a Swiss partner company.
High selective black chrome coatings for solar thermal purpose are applied from coils.
INNOVAR is responsable for the worldwide sales.

2005 Our works building is extended. The work space as well as the logistic ground outside is now twice as big as before.

2006 The degree of our automation gets encreased once again. We install the first industrial robot

in the same year we develop our new Ultrasonic welding machine for continous welding of solar absorbers. After the first two month more than 300'000 m welding seam are effectuated without any problem. The start of the sales are planned for the beginning of 2007.